To be, not to have

When learning a language in school we arrive very soon at the two most important verbs in the universe: to be and to have. Considering these, I think we need to focus more on being, less on having. (Side note: être et avoir is also a charming documentary about a school in rural France.) This … Continue reading “To be, not to have”

11 pictures of flowers

This message is not at all about flowers, even though there are 11 pictures of flowers below. It’s the story of a withering fascination with reality, maybe even the loss of sanity. Although at this point I wouldn’t go that far, there are certainly signs the withdrawal from reality can have detrimental effects on ones … Continue reading “11 pictures of flowers”

Best photograph of 2018

This year, my best photograph is not a photograph. It is a painting. Last month I shot a video of an illustrator making a Christmas card. The video is in Dutch but it has English subtitles. Stephanie talks about her drawing techniques. It was a fun project to do. During the holiday season I have … Continue reading “Best photograph of 2018”

My life mechanism

Together with this writer I put into words my life mechanism during a conversation in the kitchen. Of course I kind of knew this before, but it was never this clear to me without the words. Apparently I have something against consumerism. In order for me to enjoy something I need to have the idea … Continue reading “My life mechanism”

Destroying consumer society

The actual demise of consumer society might be far from now, but I wanted to make a small series of photographs on that concept. It has turned out quite literal. Reflecting on the photographs as a whole (just now) I think it might be better to focus on what you want rather than on what … Continue reading “Destroying consumer society”

Nightlife / when everybody sleeps

Some weeks ago I shot a small series of landscape photographs themed “Nightlife / when everybody sleeps”, while it was cold in the Netherlands, water was frozen. To emphasize the emptiness I shot the landscape series day for night, without any light sources and people in the frame. Day for night means you shoot during … Continue reading “Nightlife / when everybody sleeps”

Fotoacademie second year period 1 exam

Last thursday my class and I had our exam of period 1 in our second year. For me it was a big flashback to period 1 of year 1 at the Fotoacademie… Right down to the tl;dr;… tl;dr;: I passed with no extra tasks. Feedback for me remains largely the same. Pointers to take away … Continue reading “Fotoacademie second year period 1 exam”

Maybe I am a landscape photographer

Recently photographer Eli Dijkers contacted me with some questions about the Pentax 645D I own. Naturally I invited him to dinner to talk photography and art. Eli Dijkers graduated from the Fotoacademie in 2012, he is now making some beautiful work and exhibiting too. During our conversation he mentioned that my landscape photographs looked a … Continue reading “Maybe I am a landscape photographer”

My best photograph of 2016

Until now this year has been a bit disappointing photography-wise. I feel I gradually went off-track. Of course Nicolien and I got married and bought a house this spring which we only now finished fixing up but I don’t want to use any pretexts. I think I put too much effort in photographing how it … Continue reading “My best photograph of 2016”