Saal Digital Nederland

New for me: printing directly on dibond. Usually I print on photo paper and glue that to dibond. Also I wanted to try something extra, namely work on the photograph after it was printed, with golden ink from a pen. The people at Saal Digital Nederland let me print a favourite photograph on dibond in … Continue reading “Saal Digital Nederland”

Two beautiful women

I photographed these two beautiful women end of last year. Photographer Marieta Landkroon with a Mamiya RB67 on slidefilm while shooting with her in Amsterdam. Anne Beeftink as part of a larger shoot in her apartment with my Pentax 645D. Sophie van Bijleveld did make up and hair there, thanks! While portraits are at least … Continue reading “Two beautiful women”

Phys ed nostalgia

Recently I shot some photographs in a local physical education studio. This is an assignment for the Fotoacademie: photograph an abstract subject (e.g. nostalgia) in a single space. While discussing my work in class some commented that the photographs felt “cold”, because the space was uninviting and the subject ghostlike. That the images provoked a … Continue reading “Phys ed nostalgia”

Wijk aan Zee shooting breeze

Last monday evening Martijn and I went to Wijk aan Zee where I previously shot a rather placid water photograph in foggy conditions. It was cloudy and I had a very busy (and dare I say slightly chaotic) couple of days before so we just shot the breeze on the pier and some photographs. Afterwards there … Continue reading “Wijk aan Zee shooting breeze”

Mushrooms with the 90 mm macro

It is a tradition: come fall Bas Stubert and I pick a day, or several, to go to the woods and shoot mushrooms. With our cameras. Just for fun. Every year I try to do something different. This year was my first time without tripod, because I wanted to rely on the image stabilization (Pentax … Continue reading “Mushrooms with the 90 mm macro”

Walking along the beach of Ameland

Lately it seems the Dutch islands are slowly replacing the Veluwe as short getaway for me, this coincides with me moving away from trees and branches towards water and skies. Yesterday, after a sleepover because of the distance, a friend and I took the boat and walked along the northern coastal line (consisting of beach) … Continue reading “Walking along the beach of Ameland”

The end of photographic film

Today my filmscanner (Minolta Dimage Scan Dual II) threw in the towel. I could never get the right colours from scanning, but today was particularly frustrating. The filmscanner did not seem to react to any setting anymore. After restarting the computer (“Have you tried turning it off and on again?”) the scanning software just hangs. … Continue reading “The end of photographic film”