Wijk aan Zee shooting breeze

Last monday evening Martijn and I went to Wijk aan Zee where I previously shot a rather placid water photograph in foggy conditions.Β It was cloudy and I had a very busy (and dare I say slightly chaotic) couple of days before so we just shot the breeze on the pier and some photographs. Afterwards there … Continue reading “Wijk aan Zee shooting breeze”

Walking along the beach of Ameland

Lately it seems the Dutch islands are slowly replacing the Veluwe as short getaway for me, this coincides with me moving away from trees and branches towards water and skies. Yesterday, after a sleepover because of the distance, a friend and I took the boat and walked along the northern coastal line (consisting of beach) … Continue reading “Walking along the beach of Ameland”

Radio Kootwijk

Today I went to Radio Kootwijk with Martijn to have some results (thinking only does not make a photograph). Carefully and slowly removing elements to get to emptiness as a subject. Or being enchanted by snow covered branches. We went to Radio Kootwijk in 2009 as well, this is the actual Radio Kootwijk building and … Continue reading “Radio Kootwijk”