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Since I have quit my job at the beginning of this year I have spent more time on my own projects. However, none of those are bringing in any money yet. Currently I am releasing very detailed photographs of mountain landscapes square by square on my Instagram. I finally photoshopped them to perfection this summer, the earliest works were started in 2013…

Also I worked on some new large format photographs (really large!) of forests and I just started an exciting series of electronic artworks about windows. Sneak peeks expected early 2020.

2019 is probably going to be the year with the least actual shootdates since I started photographing in 2005. Goes to show I prefer quality over quantity.

Random photos from 2019

Even though I don’t shoot marriages anymore, I agreed to be a supplementary photographer for a dear friend on the day he finally wed the love of his life. I borrowed a Canon full frame body + 35mm f/2 (thanks Bas!) and shot the behind the scenes. It was an epic day with a gorgeous couple. On this photograph the groom is getting ready in his childhood home, the watch belonged to his grandfather.
This year I shot several portraits and group photos for individuals and companies. Even though a portrait can show a complete person, I don’t think it can show every aspect of a personality at once. I like this one because the aspect is true. The CEO of graffitinetwerk and a long time friend of mine.
Since 2017 I have been working on a book about food together with a writer / educator. Most photographs are of ingredients shot from above, very clean on white with a modest shadow, so they seem to pop out of the book. Now that the book is almost finished we needed some specific illustrations of which this is one that I particularly like. The hands belong to my niece by marriage whom I shot earlier as a parody on Rineke Dijkstra.
For Jeveka, my former employer, I have shot several product photographs of screws this past year. Since I know their products and my studiocamera is ideally suited to photograph small objects, this is a good arrangement. They recently asked me to shoot this train. I <3 model railroads. I also shot a video.
My wife on a recent outing with some friends. Since I almost never carry my camera around anymore (the Mamiya is heavy, let alone the Cambo) I have very few photographs of her. Thinking about getting a Sony A7 for snapshots…

Large format photographs

The first real print of a mountain landscape will be on display later this year at my house / place of work. I’m just mulling over the test prints. When it sells (as always it is an edition of 5 + 1 AP, documented) I will make two more (different ones). Let me know if you want to take a look at it.

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