Pentax 645D tethered shooting

Shooting with the camera connected to the computer is called tethered shooting. It is especially handy when shooting still life photography. You can control the camera from your computer and the images are saved to said computer immediately. Saves you the trouble of moving a physical object (the memory card) back and forth. It usually … Continue reading “Pentax 645D tethered shooting”

Been busy

The last couple of weeks have been quite busy, not in the least because I wanted to finish some projects before starting the Fotoacademie (next tuesday!). Last weekend I had a fantastic shoot involving cooking products, a dead fish and a live chicken. I will show you the photographs as soon as I’m allowed. My … Continue reading “Been busy”

Why the Pentax 645D

Recently I laid awake wondering why I bought the Pentax 645D. I remembered it had something to do with it being the most affordable digital medium format camera (albeit with a cropped sensor). Back when the 645Z was not available yet, nor the Canon 5DS R (a viable alternative to medium format if you are … Continue reading “Why the Pentax 645D”

Pocketwizards with leaf shutter: are they fast enough?

Short answer: yes. Long answer: until now I have always had enough cord-length to connect my Pentax 135 mm leaf shutter lens directly to the studio flash, but I promised to check whether the wireless triggers I own (Pocketwizard Multimax) were fast enough to be used with the 1/500 x-sync of the LS lens, also because I wanted … Continue reading “Pocketwizards with leaf shutter: are they fast enough?”

SMC Pentax 645 LS 1:4 135mm

– Attach the SMC Pentax 645 LS 1:4 135mm the usual way to your Pentax 645D. – When selecting the shutterspeed on the lens (front ring) leaf shutter operation is automatically engaged on the body, it displays “LS” on the screen. – Available shutterspeeds: 1/60, 1/125, 1/250 and 1/500. – The lens also has a setting of … Continue reading “SMC Pentax 645 LS 1:4 135mm”

645D: ISO 100 vs ISO 200

Today was my second day shooting with the Pentax 645D. We’re still getting to know eachother. I found out the electronic level is not level (as I suspected the first day already). Since I’m not the only Pentax user experiencing this it probably is behaviour by design, I’ll just put my bubble level in my … Continue reading “645D: ISO 100 vs ISO 200”