Portrait photography

One of the things I am interested in is portrait photography. I shoot portraits in my home studio as well as on location. Portrait photography is very much a cooperation between the photographer and the photographee. My focus is on making a sensitive and true portrait that does justice to you and your story. You … Continue reading “Portrait photography”

Pentax 645D tethered shooting

Shooting with the camera connected to the computer is called tethered shooting. It is especially handy when shooting still life photography. You can control the camera from your computer and the images are saved to said computer immediately. Saves you the trouble of moving a physical object (the memory card) back and forth. It usually … Continue reading “Pentax 645D tethered shooting”

Running through a forest

Last friday I shot a photograph in my series Human males in contemporary society, inspired by the movie Under the skin (2013). Thanks Joep Cornelissen for running and big thanks to Martijn ter Schiphorst for assisting me! For some time I wanted to try the motion effect where the camera is riding on rails keeping … Continue reading “Running through a forest”

Photoshoot Bertoo kid’s fashion

Currently I am following Bertoo, a small kid’s fashion brand. This falls under documentary photography, which is not my forte. But the likes of Kadir van Lohuizen and Burtynsky (water…) have shown that beautiful work can be made in this genre. In the very least it is a way to flex some muscles, while busy … Continue reading “Photoshoot Bertoo kid’s fashion”

Photography consultancy

Two separate incidents prompted me to write this blogpost. The first one was a fellow photographer asking me why I present an hourly rate to my clients for renting my equipment and what I would do if a client would not want to rent it. “Go there without a camera?” he asked me, “Yes” is … Continue reading “Photography consultancy”

A fish, a chicken and some caviar

A couple of weeks ago I shot some photographs for a well known cooking utensils store. This was for their yearly promotional brochure that came out just now. “Pure” and “perfection” were key, as well as polished versus raw (or smooth versus rough, a lot of terms were used). I had a lot of fun … Continue reading “A fish, a chicken and some caviar”