My best photograph of 2016

Until now this year has been a bit disappointing photography-wise. I feel I gradually went off-track. Of course Nicolien and I got married and bought a house this spring which we only now finished fixing up but I don’t want to use any pretexts.
I think I put too much effort in photographing how it should or how it is expected lately. Trying to understand things with my mind while I should feel with my gut. After several discussions with fashion photographer Liselotte Schuppers I am planning two fashion shoots that I intend to photograph, with feeling, january 2017.
Also, I recently noticed that I have become better at focusing and understanding light. That is a big help when trying to shoot based on feeling, because you have to let go of a lot of technical stuff, and you have to trust that it will be ok in the end. No technical error is permitted in photography, unless it has meaning and therefore is present on purpose.
Now, what is my best photograph of 2016? I think there is none that really passes the bar. Therefore I leave you with this christmassy self portrait. Happy Holidays!

Christmassy self portrait
Christmassy self portrait – photo Joeri van Veen 2016

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