Fotoacademie first year exam

Last tuesday my class and I had our final exam of the first year at the Fotoacademie. This time I had all the photos matted which looked a lot better than just the prints laying on the table. All colour works were larger prints (A3) which are a lot nicer to look at than regular … Continue reading “Fotoacademie first year exam”


Ultimately, I would like to comment visually on important matters. Think literature, philosophy, modern society; and maybe other arts insofar as I can understand them or connect with them. I want to create art that is intellectually and emotionally relevant and will by itself (or through other means not too dependent on me being awake) … Continue reading “Ambition”

The action

My second half year of the Fotoacademie started after a short vacation period, it was great to see everybody again and to welcome two new students into our group. Meanwhile it occurred to me that of the shoots I was planning to plan during the downtime none became reality and the project I decided to … Continue reading “The action”

Planning shoots and my second sale

The past few weeks I have been busy developing concepts and trying to arrange shoots (three specific ones, when shot they will appear on this blog of course). Both activities offer a lot of opportunities for me to get better at the entrepreneurial-side of being a photographer which is kind of exciting but they also … Continue reading “Planning shoots and my second sale”

Fotoacademie first year period 1 exam

Yesterday my Fotoacademie class had their intermediate examination where each of us presents 6 free works (minimum) and the “committee”-assignments of the past half year and it is checked whether the student completed all the technical assignments and such. Tl;dr: I passed with no extra tasks. Long version: of course I had all my technical … Continue reading “Fotoacademie first year period 1 exam”

Best photograph of 2015

Looking back at 2015 it strikes me that even though there was a lot of development in the second half of the year (due to the Fotoacademie) my most interesting work, as far as I am concerned, was shot during the first. Do I need to worry? I think not. The Fotoacademie is making me … Continue reading “Best photograph of 2015”

Fotoacademie portret medestudent

Last sunday we (Jeroen, Amina and I) shot the Fotoacademie assignment “portrait of a fellow student” (portret medestudent), which apparently lacks an assignment number. It is part of A-DD1 (1st period), just so you know. I am very pleased with the result, even though sharpness is not up to par as much as I would … Continue reading “Fotoacademie portret medestudent”

Been busy

The last couple of weeks have been quite busy, not in the least because I wanted to finish some projects before starting the Fotoacademie (next tuesday!). Last weekend I had a fantastic shoot involving cooking products, a dead fish and a live chicken. I will show you the photographs as soon as I’m allowed. My … Continue reading “Been busy”