Review of Pentax K 50 mm f/1.2

When I bought my Sony A7 over a year ago I planned on putting lots of vintage lenses on it because, obviously, that would be awesome. I had all the classics from Leica, Zeiss and Voigtländer in mind. Only I did not have any money for a long time. So no lenses for me. For … Continue reading “Review of Pentax K 50 mm f/1.2”

To be, not to have

When learning a language in school we arrive very soon at the two most important verbs in the universe: to be and to have. Considering these, I think we need to focus more on being, less on having. (Side note: être et avoir is also a charming documentary about a school in rural France.) This … Continue reading “To be, not to have”

The dark days before Christmas

These are the dark days before Christmas, when most of the day it is night and when it isn’t you still cannot see the sun for the clouds and the fog. When I searched online for ‘the dark days before Christmas’ I learned it is a typically Dutch saying. I know we are a gloomy … Continue reading “The dark days before Christmas”

NiSi 15mm 4.0 review

Since I bought my Sony A7 I have been looking for an affordable (ultra) wide angle with sufficient quality to shoot landscape photographs as well as do some real-estate photography, mainly interiors. Earlier this year a new kid came to town that looked promising, the NiSi 15/4. I acquired the NISI MF 15MM F/4.0 ASPH … Continue reading “NiSi 15mm 4.0 review”

Leaf Aptus 22 review

For a complete writeup (including prices) of my journey towards my current Cambo + Leaf Aptus 22 setup follow the link. In this post I will talk specifically about the Leaf Aptus 22 and share two quirks that might help other users that encounter problems with the Aptus digital backs from Leaf. Also included are … Continue reading “Leaf Aptus 22 review”

11 pictures of flowers

This message is not at all about flowers, even though there are 11 pictures of flowers below. It’s the story of a withering fascination with reality, maybe even the loss of sanity. Although at this point I wouldn’t go that far, there are certainly signs the withdrawal from reality can have detrimental effects on ones … Continue reading “11 pictures of flowers”

Hilariously epic wedding photographs

The original title was ‘Epic wedding photographs’ but I don’t really want to do clickbait, so I did the research and it turned out what Google thinks people consider ‘epic’ in wedding photography is when the bride and groom stand in a sublime and / or unlikely landscape. So I thought, maybe I should say … Continue reading “Hilariously epic wedding photographs”

Best photograph of 2020

Last summer I shot a mountain landscape in the French Alps with my Sony A7. For the longest time it looked like this would be the only photograph worth mentioning this year. But this morning I shot a photograph of my wife’s knee with my viewcamera which turns out to be at least as worthy … Continue reading “Best photograph of 2020”