Gregory Crewdson

The first photobook I ever bought was ‘1985-2005’ by Gregory Crewdson. As a wannabe photographer I was very impressed with his cinematic style rooted in popular culture. Gregory Crewdson (born 1962, Brooklyn, NY) can condense a whole story into one perfect frame. To accomplish this he works like a movie director on gigantic sets together … Continue reading “Gregory Crewdson”

Bill Brandt

For a famous photographer Bill Brandt is rather unknown in certain circles. I hadn’t heard of him until I started studying at the Fotoacademie a couple of years ago. As far as landscape photography goes I was mostly exposed to Bernd and Hilla Becher and their pupils such as Thomas Struth and Andreas Gursky, and … Continue reading “Bill Brandt”

The Neon Demon

After watching the movie The Neon Demon, which I don’t recommend if you want to have a cosy evening, fellow photographer Marieta Landkroon and I were inspired and decided to do a shoot based on this Neon Demon. Especially since I like shooting work with a movie in mind and several themes of The Neon … Continue reading “The Neon Demon”

Still Life With Milk

Sill Life With Milk is a photograph by Elspeth Diederix. I have been a fan of her work for a long time. In fact: the first post on this blog is about Elspeth Diederix. Last week I re-made her famous still life (with milk) from 2002. The original still life was allegedly produced in New … Continue reading “Still Life With Milk”

Some freehand images from the forest

For Easter my wife and I went to the Veluwe, a beautiful area with forests in the Netherlands. We went shopping on saturday and visited the well known Kröller Möller museum on sunday. I also shot some images while we hiked through the forests everyday. It got me reacquainted with the landscape. The week after … Continue reading “Some freehand images from the forest”

How to be an artist

How to become an artist and How to be(come) a successful artist were also titles I considered for this blogpost. But I do not want to imply in any way that I am there yet. However, I do have a rather clear view on the issue after long deliberation and researching other artists with better … Continue reading “How to be an artist”

The unfortunate demise of Vroom & Dreesmann

It is only now that the bankruptcy of Vroom & Dreesmann made me think of a little episode from my own life. They were my first employer after my paper route. By “they” I mean the department store chain the retail company Mr Vroom and Mr Dreesmann started in 1887 evolved into. I was a … Continue reading “The unfortunate demise of Vroom & Dreesmann”

Empty office space (Lambertus Hortensiuslaan)

Last week I shot some photographs in an empty office building in my street, the owner was kind enough to let me in and leave me to it. I am fascinated by these kinds of “in between” spaces, inside as well as outside. By “in between” I mean not broken enough to be Urbex but definitely … Continue reading “Empty office space (Lambertus Hortensiuslaan)”

Chillaxing at the Veluwe

The past couple of weeks I kept reminiscing about the Veluwe and how I used to go there regularly. This wednesday I cleared my schedule and took a long walk in the woods. I started photographing for my Daniel DeForest project (that has been dormant for almost 3 years now) but half way through I decided to stow … Continue reading “Chillaxing at the Veluwe”

Double exposures

Making double exposures is an old technique where you expose your film twice, shooting the second photograph over the first one (I have sometimes shot more than one photo on the same piece of film but in the interest of the research it seems two exposures is enough). I use an old folding camera for … Continue reading “Double exposures”