Ultimately, I would like to comment visually on important matters. Think literature, philosophy, modern society; and maybe other arts insofar as I can understand them or connect with them. I want to create art that is intellectually and emotionally relevant and will by itself (or through other means not too dependent on me being awake) find its way to the appreciating public. That is my ambition.
It is abundantly clear to me that I need to practice my art to better internalize the mechanics of it, but also the feel, and to increase the chances of stumbling upon interesting phenomena which can be reproduced, mastered and let evolve. And to develop in such a way that my photographs become recognizable amongst others (this is not only a function of style and subject, but also of being recognized to begin with of course, something that potentially diverts too much energy from practicing, so much that I intend not to pursue this as a goal in itself).
I feel my photography has been getting better over the past couple of years and has reached a reasonable level now that I can come forward with. However, due to lack of harsh criticism and constructive suggestions by people far more advanced than me the progress was rather slow. I had interesting discussions with friends about photography and art, but not enough and not heated enough I guess. I want to speed up my development by sparring often with teachers, fellow students, artists and other knowledgeable people. If I am able to reach a high-enough level of producing art to get noticed the coming years are “the moment”.
I am confident that by going with the flow and running with the ideas that come to me, rather than forcing myself to have a specific idea just because I think I should, my being (subconscious and all) will deliver.
Just writing this attempt to convey how I think this could work, at least how I am trying to approach this learning experience, to provide a complete picture.

Untitled – photo Joeri van Veen 2016

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