I hate Rembrandt

I do not hate Rembrandt as a person or an artist but I am starting to seriously dislike this “Dutch painter from the golden age”-lighting in photography nowadays. I think it is a cheap trick. Even though it is beneficial for an artist to imitate things from the past as precisely as possible, because we learn from that, it does not really show vision or respect to go with that style, unmodified and without caveat, henceforth. I suspect reasons to stick with it are the instant legitimacy of your work (look, I’m working in the tradition of Dutch painters from the golden age) and the fact that your public raves about it (I guess they “recognize” that it must be “art” from the Rembrandt paintings).
Besides, it is a political statement. The Dutch golden age was good for the economy, industry and arts over here in the Netherlands, but it was terrible for other people, especially the slaves and labourers in the East. Because of our lack of morals and the cruelty committed during the golden age we are now still one of the wealthiest nations on earth. We should not adopt characteristics of the golden age just for the heck of it. Don’t seperate the product from the history, rendering it meaningless. Better use it in context.

Hurray for Rembrandt
Hurray for Rembrandt
Photo Joeri van Veen 2016
MUAH Sophie van Bijleveld

So this is my take. Notice the Rembrandt triangle under her left eye. Hip hip hurray for the great portrait lighting scheme. I hate Rembrandt.

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