Bits from the past weeks

The past couple of weeks have been quite busy for me and it looks like that will continue into the summer, for which I am grateful. I savour the energy and the ideas that come with it. However, not much actual work came out of my hands. I have shot two portraits for my upcoming series Men … Continue reading “Bits from the past weeks”

Still with the branches

Last week I was in France, visiting a friend who owns a house there. We worked on the house, built fires in the woodstove and talked about life and stuff. Even though I felt kind of blocked my friend encouraged me to go out and take photographs, which I did one morning. I was naturally … Continue reading “Still with the branches”

Working on a new series

Those of you who like my Facebook page have already seen some screenshots. Currently I am working on large photographs of layered scapes of mountains and night sky. In these works there is a lot that I love: complex structures, intricate details, a lot of room to wander around, to recognize smaller compositions that could … Continue reading “Working on a new series”

10 year anniversary

The past couple of weeks I have been working on my online presence a bit. It started with my new portfolio website but I also wanted to, finally, upgrade all my photos on flickr to a nicer resolution as the older ones were quite small. While going back through my stream reprocessing the originals from the … Continue reading “10 year anniversary”

What I am working on, and what not

I thought I was going to do a series with people this year. Well, turned out I did not. The logistics were too much for me and my gear too little, so it is on hold for now. Though I can promise you this: somewhere in my career I will be shooting images in the tradition … Continue reading “What I am working on, and what not”


Last summer I was working on a series named Remnants. It mainly consisted of photographs taken in the woods with some piece of garbage in them, not too obvious hopefully, indicating human existence. In the end the concept proved to be too one-dimensional and the photographs worked less well printed large than I had predicted. Here … Continue reading “Remnants”

To play or not to play

There are people who play and people who watch (people who live life and people who wait). I am clearly a watcher but I am working on my playful side. Today I went to a Phase One dealer, the representative demonstrated a couple of backs and the camera, thank you. Some findings (there is nothing … Continue reading “To play or not to play”

Good photograph from 2013

This year I tried to make something that would have the potential to be appreciated by the public, without denying my own motives and themes, namely the mountain landscapes. But I still think my best photograph from 2013 is one I made at the beginning of the year, mainly concerned with removing elements and reaching … Continue reading “Good photograph from 2013”

SWPA 2014

It is that time of the year again: entering the Sony World Photography Awards. This is a perfect moment to evaluate the previous photography-year as well. While 2012 was the year of Dutch highways for me, 2013 was the year of mountain landscapes. These images are collages made especially to be printed big. A big plus of … Continue reading “SWPA 2014”