Unsub in Amsterdam

Last thursday architect turned photographer Bas Gijselhart and I went to Amsterdam. For Bas this trip was about the architecture of the houses on IJburg and Zeeburg, the Eye (filmmuseum) and IJdock. I wanted to add some work to my series Unsub (Unidentified subject). These are cinematic images in which I try to implant a sense of … Continue reading “Unsub in Amsterdam”

Two small paintings

My parents bought a small painting and hung it above their fireplace, it is now the centerpiece of their living room. It fits perfectly between the large bookcases. As the dude would put it: it really brings the room together. The simple unassuming painting, but beautiful, freshened my appreciation for this kind of art. This is … Continue reading “Two small paintings”

Favourite photographs from 2011

Below a couple of photographs that I took in 2011 and that, as far as I am concerned, are in the running of becoming my best photograph from 2011. Almost obligatory but also beneficent to look through a year of photographs to see where your progression halted or your vision peaked without you knowing it. … Continue reading “Favourite photographs from 2011”

What photograph would I buy

The topic sometimes comes up during conversation: what photographs would I buy? A valid way to look at your own photographs is: would I buy that (given wallspace and funds)? Part of my motivation to make photographs is that I want to become better. I want to learn and develop as an artist, to be able … Continue reading “What photograph would I buy”

Blue door

During a recent dinner with fellow photographer Bas Gijselhart we talked about specializing. He called it your “blue door”: when you focus on creating blue doors you can become extremely good at creating blue doors, you might start getting recognition for it. Now when someone wants the best blue door, they are likely to come … Continue reading “Blue door”

Kodak PhotoCD

Today I was backing up some Kodak PhotoCD’s (remember those?) which (activity) started a trip down memory lane. During the second part of the nineties I liked to photograph as well, using a Contax RTS III with Carl Zeiss optics (50 mm and 21 mm). Mostly documenting my life as a music student and looking … Continue reading “Kodak PhotoCD”

Mountains surrounding lake Garda

My first time in a mountain landscape, last week with Jeroen at his family’s place at lake Garda, Italy. We went swimming in the lake and hiking in the mountains surrounding the lake. The mountain landscape intrigued me (being used to flat earth in the Netherlands), very raw and masculin and, dare I say, sublime.