10 year anniversary

The past couple of weeks I have been working on my online presence a bit. It started with my new portfolio website but I also wanted to, finally, upgrade all my photos on flickr to a nicer resolution as the older ones were quite small. While going back through my stream reprocessing the originals from the backups I realized it was 10 years ago that I started taking this photography-thing a bit more seriously. Of course with the advent of the affordable DSLR (in so many cases, as in mine, the Canon 350D) it was inevitable. I had been photographing in the nineties, but the whole lack of control and outsourcing of processing and printing and the hassle of scanning which would never result in a digital file of high enough quality made me turn away and sulk for a couple of years.
Long live digital photography.
I would like to mark my 10 year anniversary with two photographs from 10 years ago. First my 377th digital photograph ever, which was quite popular amongst the public.

Fiat 500
Fiat 500 – photo Joeri van Veen 2005

And second one of my first “still-lifes”, which came out exactly how I wanted, and I still think it has a lot of merit, but was received very badly by the audience.

Still life with cards
Still life with cards – photo Joeri van Veen 2005

4 thoughts on “10 year anniversary”

  1. Hi Joeri,
    I still have the Fiat hanging in our bedroom! After more than 10 years still loving this picture.
    And also still love the wedding pictures you took almost 10 years ago. Are you still driving that legendary Lexus?

    1. Sander, so cool to hear from you! Thank you for leaving this comment. Had to sell the Lexus unfortunately when my girlfriend and I broke up in 2010. It was a nice year of wedding photography you remind me of. How is Riana?

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