Liberation from sharpness

2009 was a special year for me because¬†FINALLY I started to somewhat understand how to make a beautiful photograph. For the first time I had the feeling my photographs could be about something. It started with loosing my obsession with sharpness. Since I started photography sharpness had been my holy grail (no doubt influenced by … Continue reading “Liberation from sharpness”

Elspeth Diederix

Elspeth Diederix has inspired me a lot since I saw her solo exhibition last summer in Oss. The room with photographic wallpaper showing studies and tries, some of which (but not all) resulted in a work that was also in the museum was most impressive. Of course one already knows this, the masterpieces do not … Continue reading “Elspeth Diederix”

Hasselblad 501c

A couple of weeks ago I reached an agreement to buy a second hand PhaseOne V-mount digital back for a reasonable price, so I had to get me a Hasselblad to put it on. Fortunately my preferred store Kamera Express had several available amongst which this beautiful 501c body with CF 40 mm Distagon FLE … Continue reading “Hasselblad 501c”