X-Rite ColourChecker

Last week I received my X-Rite ColourChecker color rendition chart and shot it in my productphotography setup. When you match the colours of the squares with the values stated in the manual your photograph becomes rather pale / dull. When matched up there is no dark black nor is there bright white, the histogram has no … Continue reading “X-Rite ColourChecker”

Digital cross processing

Digital cross processing involves manipulating the colour channels of your digital image to obtain the look of an actual cross processed photographic film. Traditionally the results obtained are very different depending on the type of film and chemicals used so this “digital cross processing” term seems kind of vague. As long as your colours are out of … Continue reading “Digital cross processing”

Edward Weston’s bellpepper

Edward Weston was part of the f/64 movement (as was Ansel Adams). He is also known for his study of a bellpepper from his garden: Pepper by Edward Weston. Looking at this, the following thoughts came up: – The subject defines the photograph. – The photographer is only a technician. But is that true? Because … Continue reading “Edward Weston’s bellpepper”

EISA photo maestro 2010

My entry to the EISA photo maestro 2010 competition is a small series of 7 photos. The theme of the competition is Transport. Early on I decided to not go the teleportation or the transportation of data route but keep it simple and literal, as I thought the jury would see it. Even so, I didn’t want … Continue reading “EISA photo maestro 2010”

Always available

Always available will be my entry in the Carl Zeiss Digital Culture competition. This photograph is about connection and disconnection in the human being. On the one hand we hold on to (archaïc) traditions and a warm touch is indispensable for a healthy life, on the other hand we lose a lot of time, and ourselves … Continue reading “Always available”

Liberation from sharpness

2009 was a special year for me because FINALLY I started to somewhat understand how to make a beautiful photograph. For the first time I had the feeling my photographs could be about something. It started with loosing my obsession with sharpness. Since I started photography sharpness had been my holy grail (no doubt influenced by … Continue reading “Liberation from sharpness”

Elspeth Diederix

Elspeth Diederix has inspired me a lot since I saw her solo exhibition last summer in Oss. The room with photographic wallpaper showing studies and tries, some of which (but not all) resulted in a work that was also in the museum was most impressive. Of course one already knows this, the masterpieces do not … Continue reading “Elspeth Diederix”