What photograph would I buy

The topic sometimes comes up during conversation: what photographs would I buy? A valid way to look at your own photographs is: would I buy that (given wallspace and funds)? Part of my motivation to make photographs is that I want to become better. I want to learn and develop as an artist, to be able … Continue reading “What photograph would I buy”

Blue door

During a recent dinner with fellow photographer Bas Gijselhart we talked about specializing. He called it your “blue door”: when you focus on creating blue doors you can become extremely good at creating blue doors, you might start getting recognition for it. Now when someone wants the best blue door, they are likely to come … Continue reading “Blue door”

Vulnerant omnes, ultima necat

After stumbling upon Kevin Best on flickr I took an interest in making photographs with vanitas objects (clocks, rotten fruit, peeled lemon, skulls, blown out candles etcetera) but needed some time to find the right way. The photos Kevin Best makes are very much like the classical paintings in the Memento mori (remember that you will … Continue reading “Vulnerant omnes, ultima necat”

Kodak PhotoCD

Today I was backing up some Kodak PhotoCD’s (remember those?) which (activity) started a trip down memory lane. During the second part of the nineties I liked to photograph as well, using a Contax RTS III with Carl Zeiss optics (50 mm and 21 mm). Mostly documenting my life as a music student and looking … Continue reading “Kodak PhotoCD”

A self portrait

My avatar needed updating so yesterday evening I decided to shoot a self portrait. Most artists produce self portraits, we remain an animal with a lot of curiosity for ourselves. Interestingly, on a self portrait you see yourself as others might see you, not with the left and right side swapped as in the mirror. … Continue reading “A self portrait”

Mountains surrounding lake Garda

My first time in a mountain landscape, last week with Jeroen at his family’s place at lake Garda, Italy. We went swimming in the lake and hiking in the mountains surrounding the lake. The mountain landscape intrigued me (being used to flat earth in the Netherlands), very raw and masculin and, dare I say, sublime.

Duisburg, Germany

Last wednesday Martijn and I went to Duisburg in Germany. There is an abandoned factory and a Landschaftspark where we wanted to photograph. As usual I gave myself an assignment. To prepare I watched Dune (1984) the night before, one of my favourite movies. The weather was perfect for most of the day: cloudy but … Continue reading “Duisburg, Germany”

Expired photographic film

Another expired photographic colour film that I shot photos on with my Nikon FM2N with Carl Zeiss 2/28 ZF. Collecting the prints at my favourite printshop is a present every time, just like a real present it can dissapoint but it is always exciting, and that makes me happy. I keep shooting film to introduce more … Continue reading “Expired photographic film”

X-Rite ColourChecker

Last week I received my X-Rite ColourChecker color rendition chart and shot it in my productphotography setup. When you match the colours of the squares with the values stated in the manual your photograph becomes rather pale / dull. When matched up there is no dark black nor is there bright white, the histogram has no … Continue reading “X-Rite ColourChecker”