Double exposures

Making double exposures is an old technique where you expose your film twice, shooting the second photograph over the first one (shooting more than one photo on the same piece of film is called multi-exposure, but in the interest of the research it seems two exposures is enough). I use an old folding camera for … Continue reading “Double exposures”

The creativity drought

When there is a sense of urgency I am always able to shoot an acceptable photograph. But sometimes there is no urgency or sense. I was reading a great blogpost by Lauren Henkin (photographer) about a period of lack of creativity: In the mean time the start of an idea for a new series … Continue reading “The creativity drought”

Elspeth Diederix

Elspeth Diederix has inspired me a lot since I saw her solo exhibition last summer in Oss. The room with photographic wallpaper showing studies and tries, some of which (but not all) resulted in a work that was also in the museum was most impressive. Of course one already knows this, the masterpieces do not … Continue reading “Elspeth Diederix”