Best photograph of 2020

Last summer I shot a mountain landscape in the French Alps with my Sony A7. For the longest time it looked like this would be the only photograph worth mentioning this year. But this morning I shot a photograph of my wife’s knee with my viewcamera which turns out to be at least as worthy of the title ‘Best photograph of 2020’.

Last year before Christmas my wife had an operation removing some excess bone matter just above her knee and we decided to document it. Today I shot the 7th and probably last one in this series. They are all portrait-oriented black and white photographs shot using my Cambo + Leaf Aptus 22 + 90 mm APO Digitar wide open (f/4.5) focused on the scar (or bump, for the first photograph). Using the movements I was able to put the focus always straight on the scar, no matter the perspective. I love the flexibility a viewcamera such as the cambo offers in this respect.

What do you think? Is it interesting beyond the personal documentary aspect? As always, the photograph is for sale as an edition of 5 + 1 AP, documented and with a certificate of authenticity. Contact me if you’re interested. (Price starts at € 135.)

Photo Joeri van Veen 2020

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