Recently I made a brochure about Hate for the famous ā€œPā€ assignment of the Fotoacademie. One chooses an abstract theme (Hate) to photograph and each week a literal thing is revealed that has to be present in the photograph of that week. I received positive reviews on the Hate brochure by peers and teachers and my wife does not like to look at it too long, so I guess it has some merit.
I could not resist putting some humour at the end, which probably lessens the impact somewhat, humour is not in the same spirit (of Hate) as the rest. If it were a commercial assignment I would probably edit it out, or should I?

Hate folder browsing
Hate folder browsing

Download PDF: P6-folder-joerivanveen-V2-FLAT-clean-150dpi

The end of hate
The end of hate – photo Joeri van Veen 2016

One thought on “Hate”

  1. Dit is vet zeg! Een onderwerp waar de lichthartige huppelpersonen zich niet snel aan zullen wagen zeer duister vastgelegd! Prima opening, ijzersterk symbool uitstekend gebruikt. Mijn persoonlijke favoriet van deze serie is P3 ‘Emotioneel-betrokken’. Het einde geeft mij een glimlach en het woordgrapje met (P)odium is aan mij wel besteed. Nogmaals vet waarde heer!

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