Pocketwizards with leaf shutter: are they fast enough?

Short answer: yes. Long answer: until now I have always had enough cord-length to connect my Pentax 135 mm leaf shutter lens directly to the studio flash, but I promised to check whether the wireless triggers I own (Pocketwizard Multimax) were fast enough to be used with the 1/500 x-sync of the LS lens, also because I wanted … Continue reading “Pocketwizards with leaf shutter: are they fast enough?”

Portrait shoot with the 135 mm f/4 leaf shutter

Just a short post about the Pentax 135 mm f/4 leaf shutter lens which I bought second hand for my 645D. One of the things I wanted to use this lens for is portraits: to get the eyes tack sharp (in focus, well lit with flash, using a short shutterspeed of 1/500s) and the tip of … Continue reading “Portrait shoot with the 135 mm f/4 leaf shutter”

SMC Pentax 645 LS 1:4 135mm

– Attach the SMC Pentax 645 LS 1:4 135mm the usual way to your Pentax 645D. – When selecting the shutterspeed on the lens (front ring) leaf shutter operation is automatically engaged on the body, it displays “LS” on the screen. – Available shutterspeeds: 1/60, 1/125, 1/250 and 1/500. – The lens also has a setting of … Continue reading “SMC Pentax 645 LS 1:4 135mm”