Why the Pentax 645D

Recently I laid awake wondering why I bought the Pentax 645D. I remembered it had something to do with it being the most affordable digital medium format camera (albeit with a cropped sensor). Back when the 645Z was not available yet, nor the Canon 5DS R (a viable alternative to medium format if you are heavily invested in Canon gear, as I was). And: there is a beautiful longish leaf shutter lens available for it (advantage Pentax over Canon).
It felt like time to shoot a little test image to refresh my memory and rekindle my love for the 645D and its beautiful 40 megapixel CCD with no anti-aliasing filter. I shot a small vase with some flowers on my kitchen table using the 645D and Pentax 90 mm macro.
So, why did I buy the Pentax 645D? Here is my testshot:

Vase with flowers
Vase with flowers – photo Joeri van Veen 2015

And here is why:

Vase [...] detail crop
Vase […] detail crop – photo Joeri van Veen 2015

4 thoughts on “Why the Pentax 645D”

  1. Oh yes, this is what the Pentax 645D is meant to do. This is sweet Joeri! I really dig that 90mm macro lens, an excellent focal range for medium format.

    1. Indeed the 90 mm seldom leaves my 645D, it is a stellar lens, and extra versatile due to the IS / VR (/SR as Pentax calls it). I got used to the focal length rather quickly, even though I never used the equivalent or anywhere near it on my full frame Canons. Maybe I should dedicate an entire blogpost to it… Thank you for commenting!

  2. I would love to see that blogpost! In fact, I should pick up my weblogging again too. It’s been lagging rather than (b)logging for far too long now…

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