Running through a forest

Last friday I shot a photograph in my series Human males in contemporary society, inspired by the movie Under the skin (2013). Thanks Joep Cornelissen for running and big thanks to Martijn ter Schiphorst for assisting me! For some time I wanted to try the motion effect where the camera is riding on rails keeping … Continue reading “Running through a forest”

Planning shoots and my second sale

The past few weeks I have been busy developing concepts and trying to arrange shoots (three specific ones, when shot they will appear on this blog of course). Both activities offer a lot of opportunities for me to get better at the entrepreneurial-side of being a photographer which is kind of exciting but they also … Continue reading “Planning shoots and my second sale”

Altijd is Kortjakje ziek

Altijd is Kortjakje ziek (Kortjakje is always ill) is a Dutch children’s song about a little strumpet who goes to church every sunday carrying a big book full of her sins committed that week while she was “ill” (ie lying in bed horizontally). I was inspired by a previous photo of a woman walking towards … Continue reading “Altijd is Kortjakje ziek”

Secret garden

The last day of the year and my traditional SWPA-post is still forthcoming, the series I want to enter lacks one photograph that I will probably shoot on the second of january. Meanwhile I have finished Secret garden as “free work” for the Fotoacademie. The short series is about dreams and expectations one has at … Continue reading “Secret garden”

Finally back at the Veluwe

After a nine month absence I was back at the Veluwe last monday. It felt great to work on representing the forest in two dimensions once again, the weather was excellent: low winter sun and not very cold. In Foam I admired work by Joel Sternfeld. His most recent work consists of a couple of … Continue reading “Finally back at the Veluwe”