AKG ad and missing dishes

The last couple of months I have been thinking mostly. But I it is always important to be a little bit active as well. So I acted impulsively on a couple of ideas that I had, shooting a photograph without excessively bothering about all the details and relevance. (To clarify the second one, which was my … Continue reading “AKG ad and missing dishes”

Dutch Utopia

Dutch Utopia is a photo competition by museum Singer Laren which I wanted to enter. It is about (paraphrasing Singer Laren) “hundreds of American artists that traveled at the beginning of the last century to distant Dutch villages like Laren, Katwijk and Volendam to get inspired. America was industrializing very fast back then and the … Continue reading “Dutch Utopia”

Vulnerant omnes, ultima necat

After stumbling upon Kevin Best on flickr I took an interest in making photographs with vanitas objects (clocks, rotten fruit, peeled lemon, skulls, blown out candles etcetera) but needed some time to find the right way. The photos Kevin Best makes are very much like the classical paintings in the Memento mori (remember that you will … Continue reading “Vulnerant omnes, ultima necat”

A self portrait

My avatar needed updating so yesterday evening I decided to shoot a self portrait. Most artists produce self portraits, we remain an animal with a lot of curiosity for ourselves. Interestingly, on a self portrait you see yourself as others might see you, not with the left and right side swapped as in the mirror. … Continue reading “A self portrait”

Edward Weston’s bellpepper

Edward Weston was part of the f/64 movement (as was Ansel Adams). He is also known for his study of a bellpepper from his garden: Pepper by Edward Weston. Looking at this, the following thoughts came up: – The subject defines the photograph. – The photographer is only a technician. But is that true? Because … Continue reading “Edward Weston’s bellpepper”

EISA photo maestro 2010

My entry to the EISA photo maestro 2010 competition is a small series of 7 photos. The theme of the competition is Transport. Early on I decided to not go the teleportation or the transportation of data route but keep it simple and literal, as I thought the jury would see it. Even so, I didn’t want … Continue reading “EISA photo maestro 2010”

Always available

Always available will be my entry in the Carl Zeiss Digital Culture competition. This photograph is about connection and disconnection in the human being. On the one hand we hold on to (archaïc) traditions and a warm touch is indispensable for a healthy life, on the other hand we lose a lot of time, and ourselves … Continue reading “Always available”