Photoshoot Bertoo kid’s fashion

Currently I am following Bertoo, a small kid’s fashion brand. This falls under documentary photography, which is not my forte. But the likes of Kadir van Lohuizen and Burtynsky (water…) have shown that beautiful work can be made in this genre. In the very least it is a way to flex some muscles, while busy … Continue reading “Photoshoot Bertoo kid’s fashion”

The action

My second half year of the Fotoacademie started after a short vacation period, it was great to see everybody again and to welcome two new students into our group. Meanwhile it occurred to me that of the shoots I was planning to plan during the downtime none became reality and the project I decided to … Continue reading “The action”

Fotoacademie first year period 1 exam

Yesterday my Fotoacademie class had their intermediate examination where each of us presents 6 free works (minimum) and the “committee”-assignments of the past half year and it is checked whether the student completed all the technical assignments and such. Tl;dr: I passed with no extra tasks. Long version: of course I had all my technical … Continue reading “Fotoacademie first year period 1 exam”

Phys ed nostalgia

Recently I shot some photographs in a local physical education studio. This is an assignment for the Fotoacademie: photograph an abstract subject (e.g. nostalgia) in a single space. While discussing my work in class some commented that the photographs felt “cold”, because the space was uninviting and the subject ghostlike. That the images provoked a … Continue reading “Phys ed nostalgia”

Secret garden

The last day of the year and my traditional SWPA-post is still forthcoming, the series I want to enter lacks one photograph that I will probably shoot on the second of january. Meanwhile I have finished Secret garden as “free work” for the Fotoacademie. The short series is about dreams and expectations one has at … Continue reading “Secret garden”

Fotoacademie portret medestudent

Last sunday we (Jeroen, Amina and I) shot the Fotoacademie assignment “portrait of a fellow student” (portret medestudent), which apparently lacks an assignment number. It is part of A-DD1 (1st period), just so you know. I am very pleased with the result, even though sharpness is not up to par as much as I would … Continue reading “Fotoacademie portret medestudent”

Lost in calibration

My way of dealing with colours has always been: set everything to neutral and you get what you see. Let the professionals (manufacturers…) handle the details. I can see how you calibrate a product-shoot-setup (and I have done so in the past, with variable success), but everything else: nightmare. Hence: I trust the camera maker … Continue reading “Lost in calibration”