Printing on Hahnemühle photorag paper

Recently I printed some limited editions black and white photographs on Hahnemühle photorag (fineart) paper. Hahnemühle photorag looks like sketching paper, it has a beautiful subtle texture. The Epson printer I have uses special matte black ink that provides a truly deep and rich black on this Hahnemühle fineart paper, especially contrasting with gorgeous highlights. … Continue reading “Printing on Hahnemühle photorag paper”

Fotoacademie first year period 1 exam

Yesterday my Fotoacademie class had their intermediate examination where each of us presents 6 free works (minimum) and the “committee”-assignments of the past half year and it is checked whether the student completed all the technical assignments and such. Tl;dr: I passed with no extra tasks. Long version: of course I had all my technical … Continue reading “Fotoacademie first year period 1 exam”

Altijd is Kortjakje ziek

Altijd is Kortjakje ziek (Kortjakje is always ill) is a Dutch children’s song about a little strumpet who goes to church every sunday carrying a big book full of her sins committed that week while she was “ill” (ie lying in bed horizontally). I was inspired by a previous photo of a woman walking towards … Continue reading “Altijd is Kortjakje ziek”

Phys ed nostalgia

Recently I shot some photographs in a local physical education studio. This is an assignment for the Fotoacademie: photograph an abstract subject (e.g. nostalgia) in a single space. While discussing my work in class some commented that the photographs felt “cold”, because the space was uninviting and the subject ghostlike. That the images provoked a … Continue reading “Phys ed nostalgia”