Mushrooms with the 90 mm macro

It is a tradition: come fall Bas Stubert and I pick a day, or several, to go to the woods and shoot mushrooms. With our cameras. Just for fun. Every year I try to do something different. This year was my first time without tripod, because I wanted to rely on the image stabilization (Pentax … Continue reading “Mushrooms with the 90 mm macro”


Last summer I was working on a series named Remnants. It mainly consisted of photographs taken in the woods with some piece of garbage in them, not too obvious hopefully, indicating human existence. In the end the concept proved to be too one-dimensional and the photographs worked less well printed large than I had predicted. Here … Continue reading “Remnants”

Portrait shoot with the 135 mm f/4 leaf shutter

Just a short post about the Pentax 135 mm f/4 leaf shutter lens which I bought second hand for my 645D. One of the things I wanted to use this lens for is portraits: to get the eyes tack sharp (in focus, well lit with flash, using a short shutterspeed of 1/500s) and the tip of … Continue reading “Portrait shoot with the 135 mm f/4 leaf shutter”