Hasselblad Masters 2010

My entry for the Hasselblad Masters 2010 Up and coming category has been accepted. I sent in the following five (mandatory quantity) photographs: These are all from my ongoing series entitled Daniel DeForest, in which I try to show the beauty of nature at our doorstep (as opposed to the Grand Canyon, Yosemite park, and other places that … Continue reading “Hasselblad Masters 2010”

Dutch Utopia

Dutch Utopia is a photo competition by museum Singer Laren which I wanted to enter. It is about (paraphrasing Singer Laren) “hundreds of American artists that traveled at the beginning of the last century to distant Dutch villages like Laren, Katwijk and Volendam to get inspired. America was industrializing very fast back then and the … Continue reading “Dutch Utopia”

What photograph would I buy

The topic sometimes comes up during conversation: what photographs would I buy? A valid way to look at your own photographs is: would I buy that (given wallspace and funds)? Part of my motivation to make photographs is that I want to become better. I want to learn and develop as an artist, to be able … Continue reading “What photograph would I buy”