(Self)portraits and products – recap of the past weeks

The photos I am sharing with you here are practice photos, I have been working on portraiture (mainly directing) and product (shape, texture) the past couple of weeks. I am also preparing a couple of shoots in may that are more conceptual. Portrait Self portrait Product Bonus A landscape photograph from last februari, shot during … Continue reading “(Self)portraits and products – recap of the past weeks”

The unfortunate demise of Vroom & Dreesmann

It is only now that the bankruptcy of Vroom & Dreesmann made me think of a little episode from my own life. They were my first employer after my paper route. By “they” I mean the department store chain the retail company Mr Vroom and Mr Dreesmann started in 1887 evolved into. I was a … Continue reading “The unfortunate demise of Vroom & Dreesmann”